Solidarity with the Equal Pay Strikers!

All eyes were on Glasgow this week and we have been inundated with messages of solidarity for the Equal Pay Strikers from across the globe. In this blog post we share just a selection of the messages we have received: 

“Glasgow women are the backbone of the council and the city cannot function without them. The strength and unity these women have shown is inspirational. Firefighters will be standing in solidarity with you today, tomorrow and for however long it takes for this injustice to be resolved. Keep strong and united sisters.”

Denise Christie, Scottish Secretary, Fire Brigades Union

“On behalf of the TSSA I am sending our solidarity and support for all our sisters in Unison and GMB in their fight for Equal Pay. And I congratulate both unions for their extended fight with the Glasgow Council over the last 12 years. The fight for fairness and equality of pay is central to the union movement. Unequal and unfair pay, which so often affects women more than men, is a scourge that should have been wiped out years ago and I have no doubt that it will be wiped out in Glasgow Council because of this action. Solidarity sisters!”

Manuel Cortes, General Secretary, TSSA

The EIS sends its solidarity to all Unison and GMB members involved in Equal Pay strikes in Glasgow on the 23 and 24th of October. We support your campaign and we believe that it is outrageous that women still need to take industrial action in order to achieve equal pay for equal work for women. We wish you well with your action and hope that you are successful in your campaign – which is in the vanguard of defending women’s rights at work.”

Larry Flanagan, General Secretary, Educational Institute of Scotland

“Our members believe that it is only right that workers should be paid for the job that they do and that there should be no discrimination or disparity in pay on the basis of gender, as has been the case for many years.

“We hope to continue working with UNISON and GMB who represent the striking workers to ensure that older people are cared for in the manner they deserve and by workers who are being paid fairly and honestly for the work that they do.”

Eleanor McKenzie, Scottish Pensioners Forum

“Women’s work is undervalued and underpaid. Without the vital roles undertaken by our sisters, communities would grind to a halt.

“Women should not have to undertake long legal battles for what is rightfully theirs. For years they have been forced to endure more work for less pay. We stand with all those women who fight to have their voices heard.”

Agnes Tolmie, Scottish Women’s Convention

“Solidarity with all my sisters on strike for equal pay.

“Nothing can describe what I felt when I saw the coverage on the news of how many women were on the march. Inspired and proud to be a woman.

“Women are the backbone of our society they deserve equal pay and are right to demand equal pay.”

Andi Fox, TSSA member

“On behalf of UNISON Cymru Wales members, we send our warmest best wishes and solidarity to those UNISON members on strike at Glasgow City council. It is simply unacceptable in 2018 for work undertaken by women to be valued less than work done by a man. Your fight for equality is our fight and your principled stand is inspiring. No to sex discrimination! Unity is strength!”

Stephanie Thomas, UNISON Cymru Wales Regional Secretary

Peter Crews, Regional Convenor


“Berwick upon Tweed and District Trades Union Council sends solidarity to the women strikers in Glasgow. We wish them success in winning their demand for equal pay.”

Phil Thompson, Berwick Trades Union Council

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