Still We Rise: Come and Join the March and Rally!

Today is the moment in Scotland’s calendar when the trade union movement, communities, organisations, and individuals from across Scotland come and stand together against racism. Suki Sangha, Chair of the STUC Black Workers’ Committee, comments:

IMG_6767 (1)

The STUC wall: a symbol of the colours, unity and solidarity of our movement when Donald Trump visited Scotland this year.

This year we march under the banner “Still We Rise: Internationalism, Freedom and Justice”. The undertaking of anti-racist and anti-fascist work has never felt as important and urgent as it does in 2018. 

The far-right are becoming more visible in public life across Britain, Europe and beyond. From world leaders able to push harmful policies and practices, to the YouTubers with 1000s of followers pushing hate-filled agendas. The effects of these trickle down and into our lives, daily.

Years of constitutional, economic and political crisis have replaced hope with fear after fear. We know that racism is by-product of capitalism, we know who our real enemy is.

We need to learn and listen to what freedom and justice means for us all. Let us go beyond marches and build solidarity in every place we enter.

The news recently that the nine police officers involved in the death of Sheku Bayoh will not be prosecuted should not shock us. It should cause fury. How many times must we see black communities plead for justice?

But our anger means nothing unless we are willing to show Sheku’s family our upmost solidarity. Solidarity not just in name but in practice.

The world is increasingly becoming a scary place as seen with the recent election of a far-right candidate in Brazil;  showing solidarity with the Palestinians continues to be an urgent task for us all.

In today’s world being against racism is not enough, we need to be anti-racist and dismantle the systematic oppression that is limiting our lives, our access to decent work, and our access to justice and public services.

Join the march and rally on Saturday 24th November:
10.30 assemble at George Square
11.00 march off
12.00 rally at Adelaide’s Bath Street

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